Ex Vivo Cell Modulation

Transforming the Biological Properties and Therapeutic Functions of Cells

Programming Cell Function

Tremendous opportunity exists to pharmacologically program the biological properties and therapeutic function of cells. While advancements in the expansion, processing and engineering of hematopoietic cells have opened new avenues of therapeutic application, we believe small molecules and biologics can be used ex vivo to optimize the biological properties and therapeutic function of hematopoietic cells.

Since our founding, we have been dedicated to programming hematopoietic cells ex vivo. Using advanced molecular characterization tools and technologies, we identify small molecule and biologic modulators that promote rapid and supraphysiologic activation or inhibition of therapeutically-relevant genes and cell-surface proteins, such as those involved in the homing, proliferation and survival of CD34+ cells or those involved in the persistence, proliferation and anti-tumor activity of NK cells and T cells.

We believe that this highly-differentiated therapeutic paradigm – systematically and precisely programming the biological properties and therapeutic function of cells ex vivo prior to adoptive transfer – is a reproducible, scalable and cost-effective approach to maximize the safety and efficacy of cellular immunotherapies.