Our cell therapy product candidate pipeline is comprised of first-in-class cellular immunotherapies for cancer and immune disorders. Our programs reflect our dedication and commitment to pioneering ground breaking science to address severe, life-threatening diseases where the unmet need is significant and the treatment options are limited.
Program (Cell Type) Indication CAR Target(s) Research Preclinical Phase 1 Partner
FT576 (iNK) Multiple Myeloma BCMA


FT522 (iNK) B-Cell Lymphoma CD19, 41BB


FT819 (iT) B-Cell Malignancies CD19


FT825 (iT) Solid tumors HER2


Undisclosed Solid tumors Undisclosed


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Autoimmune Disorders
FT819 (iT) Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus CD19


FT522 (iNK) Undisclosed CD19, 41BB



Program Indication CAR Targert(s) Phase
FT576 (iNK) Multiple Myeloma BCMA Ph 1
FT222 (iNK) B-Cell Lymphoma CD19, 41BB PreClin
FT819 (iT) B-Cell Malignancies CD19 Ph 1
FT825 (iT) Solid tumors HER2 Ph 1
Undisclosed Solid tumors Undisclosed Research

Autoimmune Disorders

Program Indication CAR Target(s) Phase
FT819 (iT) Systemic Lupus Erythmatosu CD19 Ph 1
FT222 (iNK) Undisclosed CD19, 41BB Preclin

iPSC = induced pluripotent stem cell    iNK = iPSC-derived NK Cell    iT = iPSC-derived T cell    CAR = chimeric antigen receptor